WILD WILD PUNJAB promises a crazy ride.

Wild Wild Punjab Review 2.5/5 & Review Rating

Star Cast: Varun Sharma, Jassie Gill, Manjot Singh, Sunny Singh, Patralekhaa, Ishita Raj

Director: Simarpreet Singh

Wild Wild Punjab Movie Review Synopsis:
WILD WILD PUNJAB is the story of four friends on a crazy road trip. Rajesh Khanna (Varun Sharma) resides in Patiala, Punjab and is heartbroken as his girlfriend Vaishali (Aasheema Vardaan) cheats on him with their boss, Naveen. Vaishali and Naveen are all set to marry in Pathankot. Gaurav Jain (Jassie Gill), meanwhile, is going to get hitched a week later with Tara (Subha Rajput). His father (Gopal Datt) has taken Rs. 25 lakhs in advance as dowry. The balance Rs. 25 lakhs will be given after the marriage. Gaurav is immensely scared of his father; the latter has warned him of dire consequences if anything goes wrong with the marriage. Honey Singh (Manjot Singh) runs a truck company and deeply respects his late father, Charan Singh. Lastly, Mayank Arora (Sunny Singh) is a local playboy. All these four friends meet in a bar one night. The trio are trying to console Rajesh Khanna. They hit upon a plan – they should all head to Pathankot where Khanna should meet Vaishali and tell her that “I am over you”. The idea is to travel through the night and return in the morning. Sadly, things go wrong the moment their trip begins. A sloshed Gaurav ends up getting married to Radha (Patralekhaa). They also come across Meera (Ishita Raj) and soon, they find themselves running away from cops and the drug mafia. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Wild Wild Punjab Movie Story Review:
Luv Ranjan’s story has all the trappings of a laugh-a-minute riot. Harman Wadala and Sandeep Jain’s screenplay has its moments but overall, it could have been much better. The dialogues are funny.

Simarpreet Singh’s direction is decent. He manages to pack in a lot in less than 2 hours. It is convincing why the foursome decides to go to Pathankot and also when more and more people join them on the way. A few sequences are very funny like Honey Singh slapping the cop, Honey Singh explaining that he can’t leave Radha behind or Arora talking with the gun dealer who also happens to be the one firing at him.

On the flipside, the film’s biggest issue is that it’s intended to be a very funny film. But many jokes don’t land well and there are too many cinematic liberties. A few scenes give the deja vu of THE HANGOVER [2008] and DUE DATE [2010] and even of Hindi films in a similar zone like FUKREY [2013], MADGAON EXPRESS [2024], etc. The entire drug track fails to impress. The fight scene in the end involving Arora also seems unwarranted. Moreover, a few tracks are forgotten after a point and their culmination doesn’t happen.

Wild Wild Punjab Movie Performances:
Varun Sharma puts up an entertaining performance and tries his best to rise above the script. Sunny Singh gets into the skin of the character and does well. Manjot Singh is very entertaining. Jassie Gill underplays his part nicely but hardly has any dialogues in the second half. Patralekhaa is lovely. Ishita Raj (Meera) is lovely and also adds to the film’s oomph factor. Gopal Datt plays an amusing character, but he gets a raw deal. Rajesh Sharma (Inspector Avtar Singh) is dependable as always.  Aasheema Vardaan and Manish Tyagi (Radha’s father) are decent. Anjum Batra (Dalbir) and Samuel John (Daljeet) are just okay.

Wild Wild Punjab | Official Trailer | Varun Sharma, Sunny Singh, Manjot Singh, Jassie Gill, Patralekha, Ishita Raj

Wild Wild Punjab movie music and other technical aspects:
The songs like ‘Meri Baggi Mera Ghoda’, ‘Husn Irani’ and ‘Suttebaaz Haseena’ are average but are well infused into the narrative. Hitesh Sonik’s background score is quite good. Nigam Bomzan’s cinematography is satisfactory. Sidhant Malhitra’s production design is fair. Samidha Wangnoo and Yasmin Qureshi’s costumes are stylish but the slit lehenga worn by Aasheema Vardaan is awkward. Aejaz Gulab’s action is realistic. Visual Birds Studio’s VFX is appealing. Chetan M Solanki’s editing is sharp.

 Wild Wild Punjab Movie Review Conclusion:
On the whole, WILD WILD PUNJAB promises a crazy ride and rests on some funny and wacky moments. However, due to overall limited humour and logic-defying sequences, the impact is minimal.

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