I have never proposed to anyone till date, says Anjali Arora

Actress and social media sensation Anjali Arora has proved with her hard work that one can achieve everything in life if their eyes are set on their goals. After her explosive gameplay in Ekta Kapoor’s popular game show `Lock Upp`, she became a household name amongst the audience.

Anjali, when was the first time you realized/understood the significance/ importance of Valentine’s Day?
For the very first time, when I got a glimpse of love was between my parents as they shower love and affection on each other to the fullest. My father is very romantic and he never shies away in showing his love, care, and attachment towards my mother. And, for me, that is the actual significance of love. I believe that, if you have such a loving partner, then automatically you each day becomes Valentine`s Day.

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Do you think that the concept of Valentine’s Day has been misinterpreted?
Nowadays, people have made it a concept of flexing on having a partner and celebrating Valentine`s day. But, there shouldn`t be any pressure to have somebody for V-day. It`s nice for the people who do, but we shouldn`t feel bad if we don`t. At the end of the day, you don`t lose anything by not celebrating.

Is Valentine`s Day only about romance and love? Or can that day be celebrated for friendship as well?
No… it`s about opening up your inner feelings for the people who are close to you, and it can be celebrated with anyone close to your heart, whether it`s your parents, your cousins, your siblings, your friends, or anyone whom you admire the most. This day is not just about having a girlfriend or boyfriend beside us it`s a day of celebrating love and expressing it to your dear ones.

Which is the best book on Valentine’s day that you have read?
I haven`t read any book about Valentine`s day.

Can you recall your most memorable Valentine’s Day?
Unfortunately, I haven`t read any.

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What type of Valentine are you? Card-Roses types/ romantic poems types or the candlelight dinner types? Or is there anything besides these?
I don`t like materialistic things apart from all this. I love to sit under an open night sky where there is just a moon, stars, a cool breeze, and my partner beside me.

Has anyone rejected your Valentine’s Day proposal or have you rejected any Valentine’s Day proposal?
I have never proposed to anyone till date. So, no chance of getting rejected! (smiles)

If you had to choose a Bollywood celebrity as your Valentine, whom would you choose and why?
It would surely be Shahrukh Khan or Akshay Kumar because both are my favorite and I respect them both immensely.

If you had to choose a Hollywood celebrity as your Valentine, whom would you choose and why?
No one.

It’s a given that you will have many admirers. In that case, have you ever received any card or gift from a secret admirer? If yes, what was it and what was your reaction to it?
I have received a lot from my fans as they shower lots of love on me. It’s only because of them that I have reached such heights. They keep sending me cards, letters, roses, portraits and what not! Their love is immense and I always try to give them back through my good work.

In your opinion, is Valentine`s Day the most romantic day of the year?
No, the most romantic day in the year is when you don`t have enough time to spend with your loved ones. But then too, you manage to take out time and spend a cozy short span with your partner, so that effort which is made just to spend a few moments with loved ones is the real definition of romance. When someone makes efforts that is very beautiful and it also resembles the eagerness inside oneself to spend time with loved ones. 

What’s your idea of a perfect Valentine`s Day date?
The unplanned night walks, watching the sunset, and having street foods on one plate is my kind of perfect date.

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