`Money Mafia` to `My Daughter Joined A Cult`, 5 must-watch true-crime docuseries

From providing an insider`s perspective to showcasing detailed investigations, the true-crime originals from discovery+ present a comprehensive outlook for fans to familiarise themselves with both sides of the story. Here are five docu-series on the platform that you must watch if you haven’t already.

1)    Money Mafia: Mumbai Means Business 
After exposing some of India’s most prominent and boldest financial frauds and con jobs, Money Mafia returns with a new season where the inner workings of underworld crime rackets are bare. Built using interviews with insiders from the underworld, law enforcement, and journalists, the story revolves around the biggest money-makers of the Mumbai Underworld – extortion and trafficking. The four-episode season lays bare the inner workings of each racket over the course of two episodes each, going into the origins of these crime businesses and their modern-day incarnations.

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2)    Love Kills: Madhumita Shukla Hathyakand – 9th February 2023

A docu-series that chronicles events about the murder of an upcoming poetess Madhumita Shukla. The series presents a definitive account of a sensational crime in which events and the theatre of passion, politics, and human frailties play out at high-intensity, breakneck speed. One couldn’t have imagined that the daylight killing would unpack a complex web of deception, lies, political intrigue, and cover-ups. The twists and turns in the story of Amarmani Tripathi and Madhumita Shukla will never cease to amaze and provide – it is a story that hasn’t found its end note yet.

3)    My Daughter Joined A Cult

Produced by VICE Studios, My Daughter Joined A Cult is based on the life of the controversial, self-proclaimed “Godman” Swami Nithyananda, who is accused of abusing his followers duped into joining his ashram and gurukul trust, the “Nithyananda Dhyanapeetham”. The series follows the godman’s highs and lows with testimonials from devotees, attorneys, activists, and journalists, personal perspectives, and anecdotes from ex-devotees and followers. 

4)    Rakkt
Rakkt showcases tales of historical assassinations that changed the course of modern India. The series showcases the dynasty of rulers and shocking events as to how some were executed, changing the course of Indian history forever.

5)    Hunt For The Indian Mujahideen

Hunt for the Indian Mujahideen is an investigative journey about the brief rise and fall of the ‘Indian Mujahideen’ in the early 00’s. The story is told from the investigating officers` first-person narrative. As the narrative progresses, the audience unravels the investigation, leading them to the story behind one of the most horrifying homegrown terrorist networks.

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