Scream 6 Bringing Back Hayden Panetierre’s Kirby Confused Courteney Cox

Scream 6 bringing back Hayden Panetierre’s Kirby from Scream 4 confused Courteney Cox, who believed that the character didn’t survive the 2011 film.

Courteney Cox was initially confused by Hayden Panieterre’s return in Scream 6, due to her believing that Kirby was killed by Ghostface in 2011. While Cox had been a mainstay of the franchise and appeared in every installment of the slasher series, Panieterre made her debut as Kirby Reed in Scream 4, as part of a new group of students who fall victim to a new Ghostface killer during the 15th anniversary of the original film’s events. Kirby was deceived by Rory Culkin’s Film Club President Charlie Walker, who stabs her and leaves her to bleed out in her home.


During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cox opened up about returning to the role of Gale Weathers in Scream 6 ahead of its release, where the host asked about her feelings on being the sole original returning character.

While Cox explained which cast members from prior installments were returning, the star also admitted that she was surprised by Panieterre joining the cast, as she had believed Kirby didn’t survive the wounds she sustained in her debut and was unsure of which film Kirby first appeared in. Check out Cox’s full admission below:

“With this new relaunch, there were four people that made it- well, no me, I made it too, five people that made it from the last one. And then they brought back Kirby, Hayden Panettiere- I actually thought she died, I don’t even know what Scream that was, but when you do this many you can’t keep up!”

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How Kirby’s Fate In Scream 4 Was Uncertain For 11 Years

Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed in the Scream 6 trailer

While Kirby was last seen on-screen prior to Scream 6 in Scream 4 bleeding out after Charlie revealed that he was one of the film’s Ghostface killers, the fate of Panieterre’s last character was left uncertain at the time of release. While a body was never shown, Kirby’s fate was seemingly explained through dialogue by other characters, who stated that Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) were the sole survivors of the bloodbath at Kirby’s house after Jill was revealed to be the second killer behind Ghostface’s mask after killing Charlie. Kirby is then never mentioned as surviving during the remaining runtime, as the film focuses Jill’s showdown with Sidney and friends in the hospital.

Despite the events of Scream 4 suggesting that Kirby had succumbed to her wounds, Panieterre made a surprise cameo as Kirby in 2022’s Scream. Kirby makes a brief appearance as the subject of an interview in a YouTube video surrounding the events of the fourth film, revealing she was indeed a survivor. Panieterre has stated that Scream 6 will explore Kirby’s surprising return by framing her as someone who is wiser, having learned from her horrific ordeal while also retaining her snark and wit.

As one of Scream 4‘s most fondly remembered new characters, audiences were relieved to hear that Panieterre’s Kirby survived her Ghostface encounter. Despite this, it is understandable how Cox may have believed that Kirby had died, as the 20111 film largely omits Kirby from its final act in favor of the original cast. However, with Kirby making her return in Scream 6 alongside Cox and the 2022 newcomers, viewers are sure to be fearful for Panieterre’s character as she is drawn into another twisted killer’s game.

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