Malaika Arora’s son Arhaan trolls her: ‘Why are you wearing a table napkin?’ | Web Series

Malaika Arora is often trolled online, and quite a few times, it is for her dressing sense. However, it was all fun and laughter when her son, Arhaan decided to troll her for her dress on her show. Arhaan appeared on a recent episode of Malaika’s debut digital show Moving In With Malaika. He said she looked like a jail inmate, and even labeled her dress as a table napkin. (Also read: Amrita Arora gets upset with Malaika Arora over her jokes about her at standup)

For the episode, Malaika was wearing a white and black top that matched with the table napkins on her dining table. Even the patterns matched – the dress and the napkins were all white and black horizontal strips.

A glimpse of Malaika Arora’s dress and her table napkins.

Malaika told Arhaan to take a look at his room which she had specially prepped up with flowers and decoration. Soon, they joined her mom at the dining table for lunch. Malaika then told her mom, “Looking at this (pointing at the table mats placed around), he asked me why am I dressed like the table napkins.” All three started laughing.

Arhaan then said, “That had to have been intentional, knowing you!” Malaika said, “No it was not intentional, it was totally coincidental. Why would I?”

Arhaan then said, ‘You are looking like a prison inmate right now,” and everyone started laughing. Malaika’s mom also said, “Yeah, you are actually right. They do wear this.”

On the episode, Arhaan also talked about the importance of his aunt (Amrita Arora) and said, “I am biased for Amu. She keeps pushing herself to get on your (Malaika) position. She is like my second mother, but now I feel like she is coming on the first position,” he said.

Talking about grandmom, he added, “I made a promise to Ammuma that every winter break I’m back here because Christmas day belongs to her. I will make sure I’m back for it no matter what. Amummas food is the best in the world, the tastiest food I’ve ever eaten I’ll continue to eat I’ve been travelling.”

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